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The Saint Aubin estate which dates back to 1819 is situated in the South of Mauritius. Our hand-crafted run distillery is the first to introduce local agricultural rum in the island. Our white rum is manufactured from specially selected sugar canes. The first pressed juice is distilled through a traditional pot still.

To bring you a rum of exceptional quality, only the heart of the distillation is used.

Tropical spices have successfully been mixed to our white natural rum to bring you three additional flavours: Our spiced rum, coffee rum and our vanilla flavoured rum, three delightful blends rich in exotic flavour.

St Aubin agricultural rum St Aubin agricultural rum

The tea plant was introduced in Mauritius over two centuries ago. Bois Chéri has a long-running tradition of tea cultivation and production. On the high plateaux of its estate, overlooking the south of Mauritius, Bois Chéri holds some of the oldest tea plantations of the island

We offer a diverse range of tea flavours: Natural, coconut flavoured, exotic fruits, earl grey, lemon flavoured and vanilla flavoured black tea; Ayapana, Citronella or Ginger Herbal teas; and jasmine flavoured or natural green tea.

Plants and medicinal herbs have been used to cure people since the dawn of time. Today, Bois Chéri shares with you the treasure of its herbal and green teas.

Bois Cheri Tea

Vanilla is an orchid originating from Central America. Its foliage is evergreen and its flowers produce the vanilla pods, which take up to 8 to 9 months to reach complete maturity. After being processed, the pods become dry and take on a dark chocolate colour.

Its sweet, smooth and warm aroma makes vanilla the perfect flavour for desserts such as custard, ice cream and pudding. Vanilla is a strong spice that is greatly appreciated. It is commercialised in three different forms: in pods, in powder or as an essence. It is best used in pods as its aroma stays intact longer.

The vanilla pods from Saint Aubin are a rare and precious treat of our island.


The sugar cane was introduced in Mauritius by the Dutch at the beginning of the 18th century. Sugar cane cultivation has long been a pillar of the Mauritian economy and up till today, our island is still covered in sugar cane fields.  

The Saint Aubin raw brown sugar cubes are produced from sugar cane which has been cultivated in Mauritius for over two centuries. It is an authentic product of our island, a reflection of its history and cultural roots. Each cube releases a world of fragrances which melt into a tropical warm flavour.  

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