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The buyer and the vendor must formally approve any return of a parcel. Any return approved by the vendor, in the case of late delivery or non conformity of the parcel delivered, that will be confirmed by the vendor, will enable the buyer to obtain a free replacement parcel of identical value, or the refund of his funds, excluding any other compensation.

Any cancellation of an order must be made at least 24 hours before dispatch date. Colicheri will deduct the cancellation fee (5%) from the total value of the order, and will refund the remaining to the client within 5 working days following his cancellation. Any cancellation of an order within 24 hours of the dispatch date cannot be entertained.

Any claim or dispute will always be dealt with the best attention, as the person that takes the pains of submitting his claim is presumed to do so in good faith. In case of litigation, the client will at first deal with the company for an amicable solution of the problem. If a solution cannot be found, the Mauritian legal system will be the sole competent legal system.

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